The Do’s and Don’ts When You Detect a Termite Infestation

We have already commented, more than once, that it is possible that, on occasions, we overlook the fact that we are living with a termite infestation. But this trend is not the usual one, since the vast majority of plague victims manage to detect them in time.

A wood plank destroyed by termites

What To Do in Case of a Termite Infestation

We must consider the possibility that, if it is Subterranean Termite Treatments, they have generated an interconnection that goes beyond a single home. This has made us realize that in our action protocol, we must keep our neighbors in mind.

Some of the basic steps to be followed, in case of termite infestation, according to our extensive experience, could be summarized in the following points.

1.     Put it in common

The priority, communicate it to the entire community of neighbors and try to locate the neighborhood to approximate the magnitude of the problem. Putting it in common can benefit those neighbors who have not yet realized it.

2.     Alert the authorities of the termite infestation

Also, it is highly recommended that, immediately afterward, the competent municipal authorities be notified to notify them of the problem, since, as in the previous case, it can help discover possible hidden pests in public buildings.

3.     Contact termite professionals

This step is vital: get in touch with professionals capable of carrying out control specialized in termites, such as Turbo Termites  Termite San Diego Website Putting an effective solution, from the beginning, must be the priority.

What NOT to do in case of a termite infestation

If we have the most absolute evidence that, indeed, that situation exists where you are being attacked by termites, our number one advice is that no one should take justice into their own hands; that is, avoid home solutions to kill termites: Do Not impregnate, right and left, all the surfaces of our home with insecticides or other harmful household products (gasoline, boric acid baits…).

Termites are very social insects that, although they do not use social networks at the user level, are tremendously communicative and organized; so, the move can be very expensive for us and we would run the risk of spreading the plague to places that had not yet been infected, perpetuating the problem ad infinitum.