The 11 Web Design Trends That Will Mark 2021

The year 2020 is officially over! If this was marked by the Covid-19 pandemic causing an unprecedented global economic crisis and forcing companies to reinvent themselves, it will also have been – as always, moreover – very rich in creativity in web design trends. On the strength of our experience as an agency and over the course of our monthly monitoring, we have seen them evolve. And not just a little! So what does 2021 have in store? To prepare for the change, discover in this article the 11 trends in web design that will mark the next 12 months.

Dark Mode, the Flagship Trend Of 2021!

It is a trend that emerged in 2020, and it is certain that it will be confirmed in 2021. Can we say that it is the great web design trend of 2021? Totally!

The “dark mode ” indeed makes it possible to display a majority of dark colors (very often this results in a black background) which has the advantage of reducing eye fatigue but also of consuming less energy and improving the battery life of our devices. In our increasingly digitalized society, this is a real plus!

From a design point of view, we cannot deny that this dark mode is also very elegant, it allows in particular to add a nice contrast with the colors of the website, which makes the colored elements more impactful for the user.

Offering the user the option to switch between dark mode and light mode seems more and more common and interesting. This allows the user to participate, to integrate it in a way into the design of the website … and therefore to optimize his user experience.

The Typography, an Elegant Contrast!

Once again, typography is in the spotlight this year! In the age of “king content”, it seems quite logical that they are one of the main trends in web design 2021.

Bigger, more imposing fonts, animated texts, bolding, full-page texts, and mixtures of fonts … Everything is done to seek to capture more the eye of Internet users!

Bright Colors, a Return To The 80s?!

In 2020, we saw a new trend bloom: gradients. Many designers and creators have dared to put more colors in their creations, the transition to bright colors happened naturally.

The “80’s” style with its neon signs is making a big comeback in the world of design, indeed these luminous colors allow to create a certain dynamic in the visual.

In particular, they go very well with the trends of minimalism and dark mode: the designers do not hesitate to develop original and daring color combinations to capture the user’s attention.

Minimalism, the Art Of Emptiness

In recent years, the content of websites has been simplified, and this will be confirmed in 2021. The user is now king, and everything is done to please him.

Unlike the sites at the beginning of the 2000s, we will find fewer frills and unnecessary elements in websites with one goal: to make the browsing experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

However, minimalism does not rhyme with “empty”. It is important to “control” these white/empty spaces; the user interface must remain aesthetic despite this minimalist design and must not appear too simplistic or give that feeling of incomplete.

Asymmetry, Between Balance and Harmony!

In web design, the interface is generally created using a grid to align objects and facilitate the “responsive” of the page. But in 2021, this golden rule risks being turned upside down. In fact, this trend emerged in 2018; we talked about it in our article on web design trends in 2019. But this trend has clearly accelerated in recent years and will continue to be so in 2021.

An aligned and symmetrical design helps to bring a certain feeling of comfort to the user. A lot of creators rely on this type of design to create their websites, but all of these sites end up looking alike.

The asymmetry will make it possible to bring something new to web design and offer a site that is unique in its kind. This will allow you to stand out while offering original content.

Be careful, asymmetry does not mean that you have to forget all the codes of web design and “rethink everything”, it must be done by touches, with a certain harmony, to maintain a pleasant user experience.