Starting A Marijuana Extraction Room


What should I take into account before setting up an indoor grow?

Before “rolling the blanket over your head” it is important to be clear about some basic pillars. A little planning in this regard can be essential to ensure a successful harvest. Here are some questions to ask yourself before anything else.

Do I have the right conditions for indoor self-cultivation?

There are factors that force us to choose one way of farming or another:

  • Physical space: where to set up the closet or grow room. For example, a room with high ceilings and a window will give us more possibilities than a small space under a staircase without a window.
  • Consumption needs:  The amount of marijuana you regularly consume will also determine the space you need to grow.
  • Investment:  Obviously, low investment in your cannabis cultivation will also limit the final quantity and quality of the harvest.

Opting for re-used material to start your cultivation is not recommended, especially if you are starting in this, since things that are beyond your control can begin to fail.

Can I grow indoors all year round?

One of the biggest advantages of growing indoors is that, if you have the optimal conditions, you can grow all year round.

The temperature in indoor crops should be between 22 and 25ºC when the lamps are on and around 18-20ºC in the dark In summer it is impossible to maintain these temperatures inside the grow tent without the help of the air conditioning since in addition, the grow lamps give off heat.

In case you do not have air conditioning, and that the growth temperature in summer skyrockets too much, you can grow from autumn to spring (grow about 3 crops a year resting the 3 summer months).

Choosing the place What kind of room do I need to grow?

As we explained, space is a determining factor. The closet or grow room space is directly related to production. The more space, the more lamps and the more plants you can put, therefore, the more production you will get. Space can also determine the lighting to use.

For a closet less than 180 cm high, you will have to use low-consumption fluorescent lighting or power LEDs to get your growth going. Since, for example, HPS lamps give off too much heat for that small grow space.

On the other hand, if you have enough space you can mount an interior with great production. That is, you can get to set up a space to grow your plants, another for flowering, for maintenance, to make cuttings … And in this way you will be able to reduce the time between harvest.

A custom extraction room construction would also be a good option for you to get the best produce/results.