Should You Control termites, before or after?


Most of us think that termites only eat wood and we discard other objects such as photos, ornaments, carpets, books, clothes, tapestries, among others inside the home. In addition to attacking crops, green areas, and forests in nature.

When building a house, it is excavated until hard soil is found to support the residence. Termites can displace the earth and when the rainy season arrives, the support is weakened, causing damage to the house such as fractures, cracks, leaks, and subsidence; causing the value of our property to be devalued.

There are two types of treatment against termite: pre-construction (during the construction of the house) and post-construction (when the house is already finished and even inhabited). Keep in mind that the termite lives between 30 and 45 cm from the surface, that is why we have to create a chemical barrier between the subsoil and the construction to prevent it from invading our house.

Regarding the Pre-construction treatment, urban termiticide should be sprayed at a rate of 5 liters per square meter prior to casting the floor or structural plate.

The Post-construction treatment is a little more elaborate since the house is completely finished, it is based on the realization of holes 35 cm deep at 40 cm intervals, around the perimeter of the house in which 4 is injected liters of urban termiticide, with this the chemical barrier is formed to prevent the termite from climbing up the walls and damaging the construction. It is extremely important to have plans of the house to avoid damaging any pipes or electrical system at the time of drilling.

Solution and Prevention

There are different types of products for termite control, with different molecules which, based on their concentration and type of soil where it will be applied, may give certain residuals.

Nevertheless, we recommend you approach professional companies with experience in termite control and that they suggest the best procedure to solve your problem. For example, Turbo Termite is among the top Chula Vista termite inspection companies that have been in the industry for over 20 years.